Samsung X Cover 271/B2710

The Samsung X Cover 271 is a very rugged phone that withstands both water, dust and shocks. It can be submerged in 1m for 30min. It's also certified according to IP67. I live an active lifestyle with mountainbiking, walking and skiing. This is by far the best phone I've ever owned.

Except for it's ruggedness it also has features great for the active outdoor type like a strong flashlight, a pedometer, a digital compass and altimeter.

It's also decent when it comes to browsing the web and running applications. Opera Mini run's on the device and gives you a decent web browsing experience. You can also install lot's of JAVA applications since the phone supports the latest versions of Mobile Java.

MapNav - A Program to track your outdoor activites like biking, hiking and so on it also be used for tracking car routes. It gives lot's of detailed information concering your track and position like current height, compass direction, grahp for speed, graph for elevation, speedomteter and other things.
You can also use this software as an offline gps nagivator but you have to make your own maps for that to work.

Anyview - An application to view text files and other documents in well formatted way on your cellphones. The viewers that are included with the phone don't format documents very well. Download this software instead.
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